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The language of Vardin has been heavily influenced by Shuril and its cousin Vas'hehr. Other minor influences have been introduced from French and modern Rothnari.

It is a language primarily composed of triliteral consonantal roots or stems and a handful of affixes and infixes. There are four grammatical genders—householder, hunter, baseline or plain, and rogue—and four grammatical numbers—singular, plural, collective, and null. Collective is used for generic as well.

Vardin Alphabet[]

Native Consonants[]

ã b c ch d/l f h jh k l/y m n p r s sch sh t ts v


Vardin is written however it is pronounced. It has no standard English transliteration or transcription scheme. Entries in the lexicon are usually entered under whichever letter their usual English spelling begins with.

Vardin Lexicon[]

A lexicon of known Vardin language words and their meanings follows. Multiple spellings # | # and/or pronunciations [ # ] or [ # ] may be indicated. One does not have an effect on the other.

Grammatical Markers
Gender Abbr. Part of Speech Abbr. Number #
householder hs. noun n. singular #s.
hunter ht. adj./adv./article a. plural #p.
baseline/plain mn. verb v. collective #c.
rogue rg. affix or infix x. null #n.


This letter is considered a consonant and is pronounced as a nasalized ah sound. When making a diphthong such as ai (long i), the nasalization becomes significantly less pronounced but may still be present.

ã-l/y-n (etym. Shuril)

STEM. light

ãilyón | ailyón [ isle YOHN ] or [ ai YOHN ] from ã - l/y - n (etym. Shuril)

hs. n. #c. light (spiritual)
hs. n. #c. pure radiance; clomen radiance
n. #s. brilliance (character trait)

ãllyón | allyón [ ãll YOHN ] or [ ã YOHN ] from ã - l/y - n (etym. Shuril)

hs. n. #c. the Lighted; those who are lighted (spiritually or clomen-based)

ãllyóné | allyóné [ ãll YOH nay ] or [ ã YOH nay ] from ã - l/y - n (etym. Shuril)

hs. n. #n. out of the Lighted


Standard pronunciation of this vowel is ah; however, it forms frequent diphthongs with the consonant l/y to make a long i sound.

a— [ ah ]

x. #n. born of

aivaren [ ai VAHR ehn ] from l/y - v - n

n. #s. son of the hunter's house

akena [ uh KEH nuh ] from k-n-ll/y

a. #n. born of flame

aliané [ ] from d/l - l/y - n

hs. a. #n. born out of radiance

ayav [ ai YAHV ] from l/y - v - r

a. #n. born

ayavarai [ ] from l/y - v - r

n. #s. one who dies to be reborn (#p. ayavrei [ ] )

ayavresh [ ] from l/y - v - r

a. reborn

aysha [ AY shuh ] from l/y - sh - r

a. #n. born of the deeps


This letter is a consonant pronounced like the b in boy. When blended with the letter r, it may acquire a slightly trilled sound.

b-r-t (etym. Old Vardin)

STEM. gifted reading/seeking of birthright or upbringing and choice: implies study, pursuit, or reading in all the senses possible.

britak [ bree TAHK ] from b - r - t (etym. Old Vardin: the "place" of those who read...)

ht. n. #c. those who "read" as a gift from birthright or upbringing and choice: implies study, pursuit, or reading in all senses possible.


With exceptions, this consonant is a fairly accurate indicator of Shuril word origin, as that source language differentiated three different k sounds. C is pronounced as a voiceless velar plosive.

c-d/l-l/y (etym. Shuril)

STEM. walk, stand

c-l/y-m (etym. Shuril)

STEM. clomen

c-s-l/y (etym. Old Vardin)

STEM. sky

calai [ kuh LIE ] from c - d/l - l/y (etym. Shuril)

n. #s. those who stand
n. #s. those who walk

canten [ kahn TEHN ] from c - n - t

hs. n. #c. one's circle of accepted acquaintances and associates, those who are close by relationship, birth-bond, blood, friendship, or comradery.

clomé [ kloh MEH ] from c - l - m

hs. a. #n. out of clomen

clomei [ kloh MAY ] from c - l - m (etym. High Shuril)

hs. n. #p. clomen strands

clomen [ kloh MEHN ] from c - l - m (etym. High Shuril)

hs. n. #c. clomen substance


This letter is pronounced like the ch in church. It is permissible to use in consonant blends but is not permitted to fully absorb other consonant sounds, such as the t in katchen. ch-r-ts (etym. Vardin)

STEM. bond

charets [ chuh REHTS ] from ch - r - ts

n. #s. bond (marriage)
n. #s. bond (link)

charetse [ chuh REH tseh ] from ch - r - ts

hs. n. #s. bonded partner


This Vardin consonant is borrowed almost directly from Old Shuril and Modern Vas'hehr. It is a liquid tap that may be pronounced as an unvoiced d or a dark l, as in the English word milk. It may also occasionally be pronounced as a simple lateral liquid, as a normal, but brief, l.

d/l-l/y-n (etym. French)

STEM. radiance, light ?

daiyen [ dai YEHN ] | laiyen [ lai YEHN ] from d/l - l/y - n

n. #. radiance, as of light


ekhel [ eh KHEL ] from k - h - d/l

ht. pr. #s. the first-person pronoun: I

ekhl k-h-l/d

ht. #s. hunt accepted

eshar, rogue collective, the gods, those who exchange protection and supernatural blessings for offerings, renumeration, service, or subordination, such as to authority. s. eshari, pl. eshrai. [from Old Shuril, –esh.] —from the Vardin Academy dictionary

eshehn sh-h-n

welcome accepted or received singular householder

eshn sh-h-n

welcome accepted or received singular hunter

esl s-l/d-l/d

thanks accepted or received singular


h-l/y-l/y [vrd.] fierce protection

haila h-ll/y-l/d fiercely protective


ivrat v-r-t household (law, culture, tradition, or customs)


jhemet jh-m-t beloved name French/Rothnari - the concrete form


k-d/y-t [vrd.] outsider

k-n-l/y [vrd.] flame

k-t-ch [vrd.] gift

k-h-d/l ~ kh-d/l [vrd.] hunter

katchen [ kaht CHEHN ] from k - t - ch

hs. n. #c. those who are gifted. (#s. katechen [ kah tdeh CHEHN ] )
ht. n. #s. a clomen-positive plant which contains "mother-clomen"

katcheset [ kaht CHEH seht ] from k - t - ch

n. #s. giftset

kithuven [ kih THUE vehn ] from k - th - v

hs. n. #n. the irrevocable biological process of changing a birth bond into a marriage bond

kahel k-h-l/d the hunt singular

katchen k-t-ch gifted noun collective householder

katcheset k-t-ch giftset singular hunter

katechen k-t-ch gifted individual singular

kehelen kh-l/d-r hunter singular hunter

kenai k-n-ll/y firelight

kenya k-n-ll/y name

khel k-h-l/d I (hunter) singular hunter

kidanya k-l/d-ll/y outsider plural plain

kidayet k-l/d-ll/y outsider collective plain

kirana k-r-ll/y and ll/y-n-r flowering sunset name

kithuven k-th-v the biological process of altering a birth resonance to a bond resonance noun householder

kuhelesh k-h-l/d you (hunted) pronoun singular hunter


l/y-l/y-n [fr.] radiance, light ?

l/y-l/y-t [vrd.] family

l/y-v-l/y [vrd.]

l/y-v-n [vrd.] household family

yavar ll/y-v-r birth noun

yaven ll/y-v-n house (family)

yavrei ll/y-v-r those who birth noun plural

llen ã-ll/y-n glow

laiyen l/d-ll/y-n radiance

leyenen l/d-ll/y-n the radiants


m-ä-n [vrd.] baseline, human, plain

m-r-t [vrd.] burning fire

mereta [ meh REH tuh ] or [ meh REY tuh ] from m - r - t

rg. n. #c. those who are burning; those who burn/cause to burn.

mãen m-ã-n I (plain) pronoun singular plain

mãen m-ã-n I (baseline) pronoun singular plain

mãena m-ã-n plain individual singular plain

mãena m-ã-n baseline individual singular plain

mãenet m-ã-n plain collective plain

mãenet m-ã-n baseline collective plain

mereta m-r-t burning collective rogue

miraia m-r-ll/y name

morta m-r-t burning adjective

mriden m-r-l/d collective

muret m-r-t fire noun singular

m-r-t burn (imperative) verb singular


pesheneh [ peh SHEH neh ] s. butterfly


r-th-n [vrd.] guard, bond

rethenen [ rehth en EHN ] #. bound

rethenen r-th-n bound adjective

rohth r-h-th name

rothenen r-th-n guardian noun singular householder

rothenen r-th-n bonded individual noun singular householder

rothenen r-th-n soulmate noun singular householder

rothnai r-th-n bond(s) noun plural

rothnarai r-th-n dragons noun plural rogue

rothnarak r-th-n dragon land the place of the holding of the guard noun rogue

rothnen r-th-n guardians noun collective householder

rothnen r-th-n the bonded noun collective householder

rothnen r-th-n soulmates noun collective householder

rothneset r-th-n bonded partner (in lieu of marriage alliance) noun singular hunter

rothneset r-th-n guard noun singular hunter

ryven r-ll/y-v name Shuril


s-d/l-d/l [vrd.] gratitude

s-l-sch [vrd.] cleansing

s-sch-t [vrd.] affiliation, loyalty, vow

sascheta [ sahs SCHEH tuh ] or [ sahs SCHEY tuh ] from s-sch-t

n. #s. an organization who demands and accepts loyalty in the manner of a Household

sascheta, collective, an affiliation acquired by loyalty and successful completion of training and initiation, with or without additional requisites; an organized chosen family or community with specific requirements for inclusion, not including blood relation, as the Hunter's Guild, Vardin Academy, or Vardin Council of Medicine and Science. s. sascheta, pl. seschtet. —from the Vardin Academy dictionary

sluscheta [ sloos SHEH tuh ] or [ sloos SHEY tuh ] from s-l-sch

n. #c. a clomen-positive plant. [#s. salesch]
n. #c. the beverage made from this plant, populary drunk for its preventative and curative medicinal properties

saledet from s-l/d-l/d

thanks given or offered


sh-v-r [sh.] household members

shavretse [ shah VREH tseh ]
shavreset [ shah VREH set ]
shavren [ shah VREHN ]

shahen [ shah HEHN ] n. householder. sing. warmth of feeling; welcome; an invitation in

shahnen [ shah NEHN] n. householder. coll. warmth of feeling; welcome; an invitation in

shahen sh-h-n warmth of feeling; welcome; invitation in noun singular

shavren sh-v-r householder - plain noun collective householder

shavreset sh-v-r householder - plain noun singular hunter

shavretse sh-v-r householder - plain noun singular householder

sh-v-r household (membership)

sh-v-r household (relationship)


v-l/y-r [sh.] wind

v-r-d/l [vrd.] household entity

v-r-l/y ~ v-r [vrd.] promise

v-r-t [vrd.] household tradition

v-s-k [vrd.] no {C}vaska [ vah SKUH ] #. no

v-r-l/d household (entity)

v-r-l/d household (land)

vardin v-r-l/d households

vaska v-s-k no adjective

vrade v-r-l/d