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The Land of the Five Cities is well-irrigated land within the crescent of Falhaer and at the edge of the Esiran Desert. They haven’t been kind enough to tell me the name of their land in their own language. In fact, they’re rather stingy with their language altogether.

Political Structure[]

The Five Cities each have their own identity and nobles who aid in ruling over them, but they are all answerable to the King, who resides in the King's City. After the Thirty-Years War, the cities became factioned and were ruled by the Rebel Council, the Scavenge Guild, and a self-appointed popular ruler, Jent.

The Five Cities[]

  • The King's City / Elerys
  • The Bright City
  • The Desert's City
  • The Taken City
  • The Lost City / Jentys

Social Structure[]

There are several subculture strata in the Five Cities.

  • The King's Service
  • The Noble Households
  • The Merchant's Ring
  • Scavenge


The primary language spoken is that of the ruling class. See Five Cities Vocabulary


The land of the five cities originally belonged to the Scavenge. The Empire, however, conquered the land in the Great Migration and since then, the land has seen a series of different rulers.

Notable Events[]


  • 8732 YE. A five-cities merchant assassinated by the king of the Five Cities.
  • 8751 YE. End of outside trade with the Five Cities.
  • 8762 YE. End of the Thirty-Years War.

Notable Natives[]

  • The Soulless
  • The Warsinger
  • The Collector
  • Baker of Souls