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The Peninsula is a geographical area on Earth that co-exists in parallel to France and parts of England, occupying the same space on another dimensional plane, which is accessible through a phenomenon known as the Barrier.


The Peninsula stretches from Lac Chaussée in the Pyrenées mountain range in the south to the Devonshire moors in England. The boundaries appear to be wholly defined by the Barrier with its shifting properties.

In the north, the Peninsula primarily consists of moors that merge into unoccupied territory presumed identical to England. Due to the nature of crossing the Barrier in that area, moving into that territory will eventually result in a return to the European world.

On the western side of the Peninsula, the mountain range stretches from the edge of Airlwynmor through Jhakher and along the coast of Vardin. A sea lies on the other side of the mountains, thus, giving the Peninsula its name.

The eastern side is largely unexplored, for the parallel mountain range begins immediately and terminates at Lac Chaussée. The southern tip of the Peninsula ends halfway across the lake.


There are five recognized nations in the Peninsula, from north to south: Airlwynmor, Serea, Jhakher or Yakhuein, Rothnarak, and Vardin.

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