The Peninsula is a land enshrouded in mists and barriers, unknown to the outside world except as smatterings of local European legends and fairytales. But the Peninsula knows the outside world. Its hunters traverse the Barrier and bring wealth from foreign lands. Its Guardians prevent the wayward traveler who stumbles upon their secret from ever revealing it. Its borders glimmer in winter storms and show phantoms in moorish mists.

The butterflies of the Peninsula are rare, shy creatures, glowing with softly vibrant color and attracted to the radiance strongest at the heights of the mountains and in the soft grassy meadows beyond the moors. Each nation of the Peninsula has its own traditions regarding the butterflies.

To the baselines of Vardin, the butterfly is a symbol of good luck and a blessing upon a marriage if seen at a wedding. To the Gifteds of Vardin, it is a symbol of grace and subtlety and the ability to go unnoticed.

To the dragons of Rothnarak, the butterfly is shy innocence, reserved and difficult to entice. To the mountain Guardians below the dragons, it is sweetness and rare treasure, reserved for the King himself and those he favors.

In Serea, the butterfly is a symbol of life and unfettered joy. Past the meadows and on the moors of Airlwynmor, it is fortitude and survival of beauty in the midst of summer fires and harsh winters.

And to the outside world—for how could we forget they know that world as well?—the butterfly is transformation.

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